Scholarships for Children of Single Mothers

by Marcelina Hardy

in Scholarships for Single Mothers

Your mother cares about you dearly, and she has done everything she can to provide you everything that you need. With college around the corner, you know your mom wants to help you with the cost, but it’s not possible. Luckily, while she can’t help you directly, she can help you indirectly.

Many organizations award scholarships to children who were raised by single mothers. So, even though your mother can’t financially help you pay for a higher education, her status as a single mother can help you.

Raise the Nation Foundation

The Raise the Nation Foundation offers a Child of a Single Parent Woman Scholarship. You have to be less than 24 years old. You must also be claimed as a dependent on your mother’s taxes.

Awarded applicants are noted as having extraordinary personal development, community leadership, and academic achievement. GPA is not a requirement, however.

The amount the organization awards each year varies. It depends on how much is available, the financial need of the child, and the cost of the post-secondary degree program.

To find out more about this scholarship, such as when to apply and how to do it, visit Raise the Nation Foundation website at

Additional Organizations Granting Scholarships for Children of Single Mothers

Many scholarships are for children of single mothers, but in addition to some other factors, such as the death of a parent. The following scholarships for children of single mothers have specific eligibility requirements, so be sure to read through them thoroughly on their corresponding website.

Find More Scholarships

The above scholarships aren’t the only ones available. There are hundreds more, but you’ll have to spend time searching for them. Each year, many organizations decide to offer scholarships, and it takes a few years for them to become well-known.

Applying to these lesser known scholarship opportunities means your competition isn’t as high. So, if you have a higher chance of receiving the award. The following are some ways to find more scholarships.

  • Check into single mother websites.
  • Use the website, FastWeb. It’s a well-known website to search for scholarships, and it’s updated regularly.
  • Visit your local library to browse the scholarship directory books available.
  • Speak with businesses in your local area because many do have a scholarship fund for community members.
  • Check with women and mothers organizations.
  • Visit the financial aid office at your school and ask an adviser.

Scholarships Are Worth the Effort

If you’ve been searching and applying for scholarships for a while now, it’s likely you’re starting to feel the frustration. Don’t let that feeling slow you down though.

When you do receive an award, you’ll be happy you persevered because it will be a great relief to you not only at the moment, but also later when you graduate.

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