When it comes to bettering your education as a single mother, sometimes it is just not an option because you have to take care of the kids, go to work, clean the house, and much more while still having a little bit of free time for yourself.

No need to worry, because this section will provide you with the resources that you need in order to get the education that you need to take your career to the next level. Below you will find educational resources that will help provide assistance for going to college.

School Planning Assistance

The articles below will provide you with help and tips on applying for school and choosing the right degree.

Being a single mother can be a challenge, but for women like Janice Hagans-Higgins, the challenge is met with determination to overcome it. Not only did she take care of her four children after the sudden death of her husband, but she was also able to achieve a bachelor’s degree, land a great new job, [...]


I remember when I was a child summer time was a time when I always had to be entertained. While my parents focused on weekend chores I was usually outside in the trees near our house. Since our home is surrounded by trees and nature, I always kept myself busy playing with toys or going [...]

Do your kids have good manners? If you have to think twice about this question it may be time to strengthen your kids’ manners because it will definitely take them far in life. Manners not only consist of the common words “please”, “thank you”, and “excuse me”, but they involve other respectful mannerisms such as [...]


You want to go back to college, but there’s no way you can afford the tuition, right? You are not alone. College is expensive. Luckily, the government and many organizations across the country understand this financial burden for single mothers. They have set up programs to help single mothers just like you seek a college [...]


Getting a GED can open up many more opportunities for finding better paying jobs. This can mean everything to a single mother finding it difficult to keep her head above financial waters. While getting a GED online may seem like the easiest way to do get a diploma, it’s not possible. The State Board of [...]