Best Jobs for Single Mothers

by Robin Bright

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Have you been searching for a job? As a single mother, finding employment isn’t always easy.

This is because single mothers need jobs that provide them with enough income to support their families, while at the same time providing them with the flexible hours.

Unfortunately, many industries will offer either flexible hours or a great income, but won’t offer both.

If you are looking for a profession that doesn’t require you to make sacrifices that could eventually hurt your family, there are several jobs you should consider.

Career Opportunities for Women

careers for womenThere are several professions that offer many great career opportunities for single mothers.

Here are some of the top professional areas that allow women to earn a decent living while caring for her children:

  • Sales – Employment in sales often offers women the ability to set their own hours and earn a great income. Because income is generally based on commission, single mothers can earn as much or as little as they want while working at their own pace, being their for their children, and being part of an exciting and fulfilling career.
  • Education – Single mothers who work in education have the opportunity to earn a great living. Those who work online can be at home when their children need them, so they never miss reading a bed time story or hearing the events of the day around the supper table. Those who work in a school or daycare setting often work the same hours their children are in school, allowing them to always be home when their kids get off the bus.
  • Healthcare – Several health care jobs allow single mothers to work from home or set their own hours outside the home. These jobs also provide a healthy income that will allow you to pay the bills while caring for your kids.
  • Freelance Jobs - These days, more and more single mothers are working from home online. There are thousands of opportunities for mothers who need flexible hours and great pay.

Top 10 Jobs for Single Mothers

Single mothers looking for a job with the right hours and the best pay can take advantage of the many career opportunities available to them. However, finding the right job within these certain niches may be a little more difficult.

If you are struggling to find employment in one of the above professions, consider the following:

  1. Real Estate Agent – As a real estate agent, you will buy, rent, or sell properties for clients. This job is extremely flexible and includes duties such as interviewing prospective clients, accompanying clients to the house or property, studying property listings, listing new properties, explaining conditions of the sale, and drawing up any contracts. Becoming a real estate agent involves taking real estate appraisal classes and passing an exam to obtain your real estate license. Income is generally based on commission.
  2. Daycare Teacher- If you have small children, working in a daycare setting as a teacher can be a very rewarding. Many daycares will offer their teacher’s discounts when their children attend the daycare, allowing you to earn money for your family, while ensuring you are close to your children and they are being taken care of. Working in this setting also allows you to earn a decent income; according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly wage for daycare workers is $14.04 an hour.
  3. Online Tutors and Teachers – Working from home as an online tutor or teacher allows you to have a flexible schedule and earn a decent income. The number of the jobs in this sector are also growing, according to the Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, as more instructors are being need as facilitators for online classrooms, rather than traditional lecturers.
  4. Home Health Aides – If you want to work in the health care field, becoming a home health aide may be the right choice for you. This job allows you to work as many hours as you want each week while earning an average of $10.46 an hour. This job involves providing personal care for your patients such as grooming, dressing, and bathing. It may also involve changing bandages, dressing wounds, applying topical medications, or assisting patients who need help getting in and out of bed.
  5. Medical Transcription – Medical transcriptionists listen to recordings that have been dictated by healthcare professionals and transcribe them into administrative material, medical reports, and correspondence. This type of job can be done at home, and, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you can earn an average of $13.02 and $18.55 an hour in compensation.
  6. Freelance Writer – As online jobs increase, it has become easier for more individuals to work from home. Becoming a freelance writer will allow you the flexibility to attend your child’s school play and be there for your child if he can’t attend school due to sickness. While it may be difficult at first to get your foot in the door, websites like and can help you find individuals searching for writers just like you, so you can develop your skills and earn a decent living.
  7. Graphic Designers – Graphic designers plan and create effective solutions for communicating a message through type, color, photography, illustration, and animation. They can work with magazines, newspapers, corporate reports, websites, and journals. This type of employment can provide you with flexible working hours at home, where you can earn as much as $47,860 a year.
  8. Accountant – Accountants are individuals who ensure that individuals and firms pay their taxes on time, keep accurate public records, and are financially stable. They often provide prepare financial documents, analyze budgets, and offer investment planning advice. While some accountants work in typical office settings, many are able to do part of their work at home. In this profession, you can expect to earn as much as $61,480 a year.
  9. Tax Preparer – Tax preparers work with small businesses and individuals each year to help them prepare and file their tax returns. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many earn an average of $17.82 an hour. Because the majority of tax preparers only work full-time from January to April, this is an excellent occupation for single mothers who want to earn a high income while still having time for their families.
  10. Marketing Consultant – Marketing consultant jobs are in high demand by many industries, including the government and large businesses. This is because individuals in these positions often work behind the scenes, offering tools and information that actually influences how the government and businesses operate. While deadlines may be rushed, hours are generally flexible and advanced technology allows marketing consultants to work from home so they do not need to travel to conduct meetings with clients who live in other locations.

Tips for Applying for Jobs

When applying for a job as a single mother, you might find it difficult to obtain the job you want. It can be especially hard to begin searching for a job when you have never had to look for one before.

For this reason, you should consider applying for jobs through:

  • Recruiting Services – Also known as executive search firms, recruiting services look for qualified individuals to fill unadvertised open positions with companies. They will attempt to match your particular skill and goals with the full-time employment that is right for you.
  • Staffing Services – Also known as employment agencies, staffing services assist you in finding temporary or temporary-to-permanent positions in a field that matches your skills. By working with these services, you will be able to gain valuable skills, increase your chances in finding a job that suits your needs, and investigate a position before committing to it permanently.
  • Online Resources - Finding and applying for a job online can sometimes be difficult, especially when there are so many scam artists lurking on the internet these days. If you need a freelance or work at home job now, try using online services like Elance. You will be able to browse the many job listings available to you in your particular field and apply for both long-term and short-term positions. Elance will also guarantee your payment, so you can ensure you are never scammed into doing work for free.

If you are single mother searching for employment, consider the tips above. Find a job that suits your specific needs, allows for a flexible schedule, and won’t leave you wondering how you are going to pay the bills each month.

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